Dustin’s mission is not only to deliver a product that goes above and beyond all expectations of the client, but also to develop a lasting relationship with his clients through their collaboration. If croppedboth parties agree, there are many ways Dustin can help promote and/or push the songs he works on for large scale opportunities. From major label artist placement to TV and film sync opportunities, every client is welcome and encouraged to discuss a strategy with Dustin on how to take their project to the next level. One of the many avenues Dustin takes with his collaborations is to go to his publishing company, The Royalty Network, who was recently featured in Billboard Magazine in honor of their 20th Anniversary, and their success with representing some of the most renowned songwriters and artists in the world. The potential is endless! Contact him today to discuss your project and where you want to go with it. Let’s make a hit!




Below: DJ Michael Teixeira accepting award on behalf of Dustin Paul and himself for “Best Dance Performance” (also nominated for “Song of the Year”) at the International Portuguese Music Awards for their song “I Keep Coming.”

IMG_7651@michaelteixeira like a boss!! Accepting our award for best Dance Performance (also nominated for song of the year) at the International Portuguese Music Awards last weekend!!!! @ipma_awards Crazy moment. Hope to be there in person next year 🤘🙌✨✨ #ikeepcoming #BestDanceSong #SongOfTheYearCan't believe I missed my first red carpet/awards show...and.... WE WON an International Portuguese Music Award!! For Best Dance Performance by myself and @michaelteixeira . I'm glad this good looking, talented dude was there reppin' for both of us! #BestDanceSong Thank You @ipma_awards #ikeepcoming 🙏👏🏼🍻😱