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Dustin Paul has been singing in the studio and in front of live audiences since he was 14. Previously, he was the front man of a band whom attracted millions of views on YouTube, played at music festivals, and performed on national television. Since then, he has gone out on his own, writing/collaborating and singing for many talented producers, songwriters, and DJ’s such as Diego Miranda (rated one of the top 100 DJs by Djmag). Their song “Shiver” was play-listed on RFM national radio – one of Portugal’s most listened to radio stations. And their 2019 released “Believe in Love” with DJ duo/twins “Le Twins” (considered the only djs/singers and composers in Latin America) garnered over 1 million streams on Youtube within the first week of release. Partnerships such as this have led to momentous career achievements for DP and his collaborators. From charting top 10 on the iTunes/Spotify viral charts on various occasions, to winning an International Portuguese Music Award for his song “I Keep Coming” with DJ/Producer Michael Teixeira (“Best Dance Performance” also nominated for “Song of the Year”). Dustin Paul & Tom Enzy’s music video for their summer smash “Good Day” graced the airwaves of MTV Portugal, as well as notorious radio stations such as Kiss FM. “Good Day” was hand-picked by Diplo/Major Lazer as a finalist in the 2018 Bacardi/Soundcloud #MusicLiberatesMusic competition. At the same time the song was chosen for Portugal’s country-wide school dance competition; featuring over 300 schools that all competed with their custom-made choreography to the song. The original version, “Good Day To Be Alive” is featured as the rolling credits song to the award-winning documentary film “Roll With Me” that came to Netflix/select theaters on December 1, 2018. This critically acclaimed documentary, backed by 8-time Grammy nominated artist – Avril Lavigne, directed by Lisa France, and produced by the Emmy winning Thom Beers, picked up four illustrious awards. The song was named a winner in the International Songwriting Competition- the biggest songwriting competition in the world, with over 18,000 submissions from 120 different countries. Since then, Dustin released another single called “Lucky Day” which was picked up as the official theme song for the fall 2018 Hanna Andersson commercial. Lastly, his recent single “My Beautiful Life” landed in two 2020 summer Nissan ad campaigns airing on television into the fall of 2020.  Dustin has been gearing up for tour, as well getting ready to release another EP’s worth of solo music + some more exciting DJ/producer collaborations


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  • " We just love the result! Amazing voice, great quality and super nice to work with. Thanks again, hope to work with Dustin again! "

    IMAscore- Professional Scoring/Sound Design
    Paderborn, Germany
  • " Dustin was professional in communication, has a great voice, and is very creative with his lyrics. Would definitely recommend. "

    SoCal – DJ
    Boston, MA
  • " Dustin`s voice did my song perfect!! My song would not be the same without him !! Have no words! Low and high perfectly! The lyrics gave me goosebumps. The feelings I fail to express with words, he manages to sing and write! I definitely give Dustin 5 stars ! Worth every penny! So If YOU wondering to hire Dustin , YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY DO IT! "

    NaithZirk- DJ/Producer
    Stravanger, Norway
  • " Working with Dustin was awesome! Great communication, on time, and super high quality vox. Couldn't have asked for a better finished product-- this man knows his stuff. Thanks D! "

    Jeffrey Lewis – DJ
    Ohio, USA
  • " Words are not enough to tell how good Dustin Paul is. Singing his heart out, he moved me to tears. Great Job dude! "

    Antonello M. – Producer/Songwriter/Composer
  • " My EDM song needed stunning pro vocals and the song couldn't be happier now, thanks to Dustin! "

    Börje V. – Producer/Songwriter
  • " Top-notch vocals, great tone and nice harmonies that he came up with. Highly recommended "

    Jonathan P. – Songwriter
  • " Dustin has an amazing voice and was a pleasure to work with! He produces perfect, high quality vocals. 100% recommend him! "

    Cam D. – DJ/Producer
    Boston, MA, USA
  • " First time working with Dustin, the song came to life after he delivered some great vocals!!. I expect to work with him again. Thanks for the great job. "

    Ramon A. – Songwriter/Composer
    Hermosillo, Sonora
  • " I am 1,000% thrilled with my song!! Dustin Paul is a professional of the highest order! He worked with me every step of the way, wrote outstanding music and delivered a professional, well-written, emotional song to me. Frankly, I pat myself on the back for choosing him. You should too. "

    Seth P – Client
    Brooklyn, NY USA
  • " Dustin delivered an incredible product ... As I listened to songs that Dustin had created from my poetic lyrics, I was actually brought to tears -- simply outstanding ! Dustin created five songs for me as an anniversary gift to my wife ... I can not wait to share these soundtracks with the love of my life ! Dustin - a HUGE THANKS !!! "

    Steven W.
    California, USA
  • " Dustin was great! super talented, i really enjoyed connecting with him and working on my song. This guy can bring your song to life! "

    Wesley S. – Artist/Songwriter
    Tampa, FL USA
  • " Dustin was amazing to work with! Great communication throughout, very professional and of course, delivered amazing vocals! Would highly recommend him! He can definitely bring your project to another level! "

    Nick B – Songwriter
    Calgary Alberta, Canada
  • " Dustin is such an amazing singer! Did everything I asked & was always thinking new ideas! Love his energy and passion - his tone and delivery is exceptional! A consummate professional! And very big props to his engineer Jake! Anyone thinking about hiring dustin - don't think about it - just do it!! "

    Blake & Ortanna – Songwriters/Producers
  • " Dustin is a very professional artist. Firstly, he gave me all the information and kept his word. His work is very good and I love his voice. He updated us during his work with all the news. "

    Bruno Zucchetti – Producer/Engineer
    Brescia, Italy
  • " Working with Dustin was a very smooth and professional experience. He s is very talented and I will not think twice about working with him again. He is the best lyricist that i have worked with. I would highly recommend him for any Music project of any kind. "

    Gavin Sadler – Producer/Engineer
    Pretoria, South Africa
  • " I gave him my lyrics along with a melody and he brought me back a beautiful song, which I believe will soon affect more than a heart around the globe. A real hit. Thanks, Dustin ! You were fantastic.   "

    Serill Justin Bai – Songwriter
    Stockholm, Sweden.
  • " Dustin is an outstanding vocalist and performer. He is passionate about music; not just music that he writes, but also music that you and I write. However, I would have to say his main quality is one that is so hard to find: He listens to a person's vision and takes the song to that place. Many times this may not be possible, but I wouldn't bet against Dustin because I have witnessed what he can do. "

    Victor Brealon – Songwriter
    South Carolina, USA
  • " Dustin consistently delivers professional results across a range of genres, styles, and methods of vocal delivery. Setting aside the high level recording quality, it is worth noting that Dustin’s emotional delivery is probably the most valuable component. All tracking sessions come with multiple takes from which the producer can choose, and regardless of subjective decisions as to the “best” take, each one is delivered to meaningfully convey the lyrical content. Essentially, you receive vocal tracks performed by a singer with a talent for music production as well, making the process easier while enhancing the results.   "

    Brian Johnston – Producer
    Long Island, NY
  • " Dustin is very professional with good communication and fast delivery. He managed the recording session himself for a very good price. I recommend him for your vocals! "

    Fabrice POTEC – Producer
    Caen, France
  • " Working with Dustin Paul is an exhilarating and fantastic journey that I found especially refreshing and rewarding. Dustin helped me with a great song, and showed me how to enhance my songwriting and my plays. I will always be grateful for your efforts Dustin, and I look forward to working with you again in the future! "

    Sandra L Henriksen – Playwright/Songwriter
    Iowa, USA
  • " I worked with Dustin overseas. Through one of his plugins it was possible for me to hear Dustin’s voice directly from the studio in New York all the way to the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic. Meanwhile I was talking to his engineer on Skype. This way I could guide Dustin via his manager to make some small adjustments, while we were recording. Thank you for a great and professional teamwork. "

    Arni O. – Songwriter
    Faroe Islands (Denmark)
  • " I was searching the web for a good male pop voice when Dustin’s show-reel caught my attention. After our first recording I knew I’d made a good choice. His voice was a perfect fit for my production and the whole process went efficient and smooth. Due to Dustin’s preparation it took less than two hours to record the lead and all backing vocals – I consider this pretty fast for a 4 minute song. In short: I like his voice and enjoy working with him – so I’ll come back for more. "

    Charlie McLight – Songwriter/Producer
  • " I´d never worked with Dustin before, but he turned out to be a real pro in the studio. He has great pitch, was very consistent from take to take, and doubles himself quite accurately. He also managed to put some character into an essentially commercial project. He came well-prepared for our sessions, was super-easy to work with, and had a very professional attitude. "

    Daniel Griffin – Producer/Songwriter
    Madrid, Spain
  • " I wrote a song that required lyrics and vocals , I discovered Dustin online i listened to one of his songs and realized his voice would be perfect for my songs. So we started to work together, He had some important input on the structure of the song, and during the process he kept me up to date with the lyrics and vocal ideas. I would highly recommend working with Dustin and will do so again. "

    James Stordy – Songwriter/Composer
  • " Got in touch with Dustin to write lyrics and sing on one of my tracks. He not only wrote amazing lyrics and melody out of my rough storyline but also got involved in other parts of the production and together we ended up with an amazing song. "

    Ben Phipps – Producer/DJ
  • " Dustin is a great singer and did everything great on the first go. I will definitely be using him again and can't wait for this killer track. "

    Adrian Gold – DJ/Producer
    Arizona, USA
  • " Sounds great! Very professional - and quick delivery (I had a tight deadline). Can definitely recommend! "

    Bardur H. – Songwriter/Producer
    Tórshavn, Faroe Islands
  • " Dustin is a phenomenal singer to work with. He was knowledgeable and skilled, and laid down amazing vocals on an original production that I made. Once I sent him the lyrics to the track, he got right to work and got the vocals ready very quickly. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for quality male vocals. "

    Shades – DJ/Producer
    Westchester, New York
  • " Dustin really knows how to sing, and it was a pleasure working with him! Fast delivery and great quality! "

    Trym K. – Producer
    Porsgrunn, Norway
  • " Excellent job, strong lyrics for my song, thank you Dustin! "

    Mickael Lome – Artist/Songwriter
    Arras, France
  • " Dustin’s voice is amazing. He delivers a very professional package! Thank you. "

    Noor and Christian – Producers
    Berlin, Germany
  • " We had a brilliant online transatlantic collaboration with Dustin, vocals were well sung, well recorded and well delivered on time. Total pro!   "

    The Karlssons – Producers for EMI/KPM
    London, UK
  • " The first we heard Dustin, we felt a great talent coming out. Beyond his great vocals skills and genuine interpretation, he has also a great human quality. We are excited to work with him again. "

    O&C Producers
    Paris, France
  • " Dustin is the guy you want for every project! He is a true pro and his voice is amazing! Like he says "he will kill the song". He wrote perfect lyrics and top line melody to my track. Great work Dustin! "

    Mats G. “MOG” DJ/Producer
    Stockholm, Sweden
  • " I was surprised how easy it was to reach Dustin from another side of the world and to make a deal on our first record. How professional his attitude was and how fast we made a track that sounded way better than I expected! If you are looking for a way to get your music to the next level – Dustin is the one you need. I’m very looking forward to work with him again. "

    Rodion Gordin – DJ/Producer
  • " Top quality session! Dustin was easy to work with, completely professional in every manner & delivered exactly the performance we were hoping for. Would gladly work with Dustin again and we're happy to give him a very strong recommendation! "

    “DomDaBomb” and Dave – Program directors/DJs at 97.1 FM WQHT Hot 97
    New York, New York